An Introduction to Functional Fitness

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Want to lose body fat or build muscle

But struggling to find a programme you can stick to?

Sick of the same old gym exercises?

This programme is for you!

For years I tried every programme you can think of. Muscle building, fat loss, hypertrophy, CrossFit.

I would enjoy them for a few weeks, then get bored and try another.

Then I found functional fitness.

Not only will it get you fitter and stronger, but you will really enjoy training again and have fun with it.

It is centred around core movements but combines strength and conditioning to give you the ultimate test of both.

The programme is for all levels of fitness and is progressive to give a test to everyone, you can push yourself as much as you want to.

In just 4 weeks you will get fitter, stronger, whilst learning some key movements and gaining a great understanding of how functional fitness works.

The aim of functional fitness is to support your everyday life and get you stronger for life's tasks.

It includes core movements such as pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, lunging, and carrying.

By strengthening the muscles in the same way you would need to use them for certain tasks, it reduces your risk of injury and increases your quality of life for now and as you get older. 

Not only that, but the confidence you’ll get from completing this programme and improving your strength and fitness will set you up for life.

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An Introduction to Functional Fitness. A 4 week programme to get you fitter and stronger, leading to the best version of you.

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An Introduction to Functional Fitness

0 ratings